Lira Medika hospital is a private hospital group, derived from one of the most famous pharmaceutical group in Indonesia. Lira Medika hospital was founded on 5th of June 2014. Currently, Lira Medika hospital has specialist clinics, lab, physiotherapy and 24-hour emergency services with 47 bed capacity.

For inpatient services, Lira Medika hospital has 10 class III A beds, 2 class III B beds, 10 class II beds, 5 class I beds, 2 class VIP beds and 1 class VVIP bed. Starting from class II beds and up, Lira Medika hospital applies one patient one bed policy to provide exceptional comfort. For patients who are in need of extra care, Lira Medika hospital is equipped with ICU (Intensive Care Unit), PICU (Perinatal Intensive Care Unit), HCU (High Care Unit) and NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). For outpatient services, our Medical Check Up (MCU) team is available for on-site or walk-in services.

Lira Medika Hospital plans to expand the facilities by constructing a new building with eight floors. We anticipate to grow our bed capacity by 300. It will consist of rooms Class III, Class II, Class I, VIP, VVIP, and President Suite. Our radiology department will expand with the addition of MRI and laboratory services. In addition, the expansion of the new building, Hemodialysis, Endoscopy, ESWL, angiography, and fluroskopi services will be available.



Become central referral hospital for Karawang and surrounding areas.




Provide first-rate health service by professional and competent human resources in their field.